What is Chia?

chia seeds are a superfood… which is we should just call them a really, very good for you food.

Chia is a summer annual herbaceous plant belonging to the Labiatae family. It grows from a seedling to develop lush green foliage before it produces long flowers which are either purple or, less commonly white. These flowers develop into seed pods to produce chia seeds.

Today, chia is grown commercially not only in its original land Mexico, but as well in several Latin American countries and Australia. Currently touted as the new superfood, chia is gaining a tremendous amount of attention.  It has even been praised for its health benefits.

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Why Chia Seeds ?

Here are several reasons why you should take chia seeds in your daily meals –

  • Omega-3. Chia seeds are an amazing source of Omega 3, higher than flaxseed. Which is good for brain function, mental clarity, healthy heart… and good hair! If you are vegetarian, chia seeds are a great alternative of fish.                                                   
  • Chia seeds are gluten-free. You can grind them and add them into your baking recipes, like a flour. In any recipe, replace 1/4 of the flour for chia flour.                 
  • Chia seeds are high in fiber. They help your body to eliminate toxins and clean out your intestinal tract, which s a good thing!                                       
  • A complete protein, chia seeds contain all nine of the essential amino acids which our bodies need for growth & repair of blood cells, tissue, muscle, collagen… we can only obtain them from our diet.        
  • Energy Booster -Chia seeds contain an army of different antioxidants which help to prevent disease and boost energy. Chia is so high in antioxidants that the natural oils do not go rancid,which giving chia seeds a very long shelf life.  
  • Controls Diabetes -Chia seed controls blood sugar levels. Chia seeds form a gel when placed in liquid and in our body this gel helps to slow down the release of sugar from starches, giving us a prolonged release of energy rather than the high and low spikes we can get after eating a carb heavy meal.


How to eat Nutryy chia seed?


Nutryy Chia seeds are tasteless and can be eaten whole, sprouted, ground or soaked to form a gel.

If you love playing in the kitchen, Nutryy chia seeds are endless hours of fun. Completely flavorless they absorb the flavor of what ever ingredients you mix them in.

you can  add Nutryy chia seeds in any liquid and watch it turn it into a thick sludgy gel – which is not gross, like it sounds, but actually perfect to thicken sauce, add bulk, make a pudding, or even replace an egg in baking!

  • The ratio for chia gel is 1 part chia seed to 10 parts liquid and let it sit for 15 minutes.
  • To replace an egg do 1 tablespoon of Nutryy chia seed in 3 tablespoons of water.
  • If you’d rather keep it simple, sprinkle them in juice or shakes, over salads and your cereal…

Chia seeds sprinkled over oats

  • If you do eat them whole and un-soaked, make sure to drink plenty of water, otherwise chia seeds will soak up your own internal liquids, leaving you dehydrated and maybe a little constipated! Not a great note to leave on, but I had to say it!


How to get extra energy with Nutryy Chia seeds ?

When you are feeling down, Try to make a healthy drink (usually with a sprinkle of Nutryy chia seeds!) and take it out for a walk or bike ride. Even just 5 minutes clears your head and will get blood pumping!

Where to buy Nutryy chia seeds ?

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